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Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (Fransalians) USA

Who We Are

We are Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS), also known as Fransalians, and our primary apostolates consist in pioneering overseas missions, parish mission preaching and educating youth.


Ave Maria-Fransalian Spirituality Center, located in Loganville, Georgia, is an undertaking of the Fransalians in the USA to disseminate Salesian Spirituality through retreats, counseling and multimedia. St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of journalists and print media.


The Fransalians, by our vocation, are called to transmit Salesian Spirituality, which primarily consists of passionate love of God and gentle, caring love towards our fellow beings.


St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) was the bishop of Annecy in France and he is known in history as the gentleman saint and a preeminent spiritual director. The spiritual classic he has written as a handbook for those who would like to grow in spiritual life is titled Introduction to The Devout Life.


During his lifetime he guided thousands to progress in spiritual life and attain holiness in life. The most known among his directees is St. Jane de Chantal, the co-foundress of the Visitation Order.

While trying to disseminate Salesian Spirituality, this Center supports the missionary cause of the Fransalians in Africa, Latin America and Asia. All proceeds coming from this center support evangelization efforts on these continents. When you collaborate with this Center, you are also joining in our missionary venture to “bring fullness of life” to the poor and needy in the developing world.

Fransalian Spirituality Center w/ Gifts & Books

3887 Rosebud Rd Loganville, GA 30052/770-569-9094

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